“Be Still… And Know!”

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46

“Either by terror or love, God will subdue all hearts to Himself.” (C.H. Spurgeon)

This had such an impact on me as I studied the Word this morning. What a powerful statement! God has promised to make Himself known throughout the earth and He is faithful to His Word. What is said in the Word that backs this statement up? So much! One example is the scripture that says that you will either “fall on the Rock” or the “Rock will fall on you.” All of the statements and promises in the Word are true… whether you agree with them or not… and what God has spoken is going to happen exactly as He has spoken it.

The choice is ours to come by way of His lovingkindness as He draws us, and that is the desire of His heart concerning us. He has told us “every knee shall bow…” and indeed they shall. How you come to know Him is still your choice… but you must understand that time is drawing to a close. There is a “calendar” for each of our lives and, even if His return is not how our particular life comes to an end… there is still a “schedule” in place for each of us.

“Choose THIS DAY whom you will serve…” Make the choice while it is yours to make! God loves you… the choice is easy… the results of that choice are eternal and the joy you will find in Him will bless your life beyond what you can even imagine!

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Progress Report!

So pleased with the changes obedience to God’s “program” for my health and well-being has brought about! So encouraged by the fact that this area of my life is now SETTLED! Ready now to apply the things I have learned to other areas of self discipline that I have “drifted” in and out of.

Altering clothes that I don’t want to part with, (one particular teal green blouse 3 times!) but turning in to the thrift store all the others. What makes it so much fun is I am trying a lot of brighter colors and more stylish things and I can buy some really nice things (high end stuff from Chico’s) at the thrift store that I wouldn’t be able to afford at the regular stores, and then if they get too big later I can go back and replace them.

Wednesday is 1/2 price day on all clothes at the Salvation Army Thrift store so the already reasonable prices are even better. It takes time to search out the good things, but I have more time than money… so it’s worth it to me. (Besides… It’s the “thrill of the hunt!”)

I need to be more disciplined in my time that I set aside for my writing and for my artistic endeavors. There is a key to victory in these things just as there was in the health and fitness area… just need to allow God to show it to me. 

God is so good to care about the things I care about! I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded of that on a regular basis. I need the support and to feel that kind of love and concern. It is so encouraging to feel like God not only will help me, but celebrates my success with me! I love and count on Him so very much! So very, very grateful to Him!

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The Reward of Obedience

On January 28, 2013, after a long talk (or maybe whiny session) with the Lord about my inability to commit to a workout program that I would actually stick to, the Lord suggested that I make the commitment to Him instead of to the workout. (Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?)

He said if I would also make a commitment to Him to eat healthy, He would help me. No dieting… eating healthy, nutritionally sound meals instead. I was not to weigh myself at all. Why? Because if I lost more weight than I expected I would get careless, and if I lost less than I hoped, I would get discouraged. (He knows me so well!)

I ran across a workout DVD while shopping for something else and, before I even realized what I was doing, tossed it in my cart. (Already had about five others I had tried and didn’t understand why I needed this one, but bought it anyway.) Started it faithfully the very next morning! Cardio and strength training during a “3 Mega Mile” workout. It is so good, and is hard enough that when you are finished you know you have accomplished something. I am stronger, more flexible, feel amazing and I am getting more and more muscle tone every week. I am truly amazed.

Today is April 2, 2013 and I still have not weighed myself, but I have fulfilled, and will continue to fulfill the commitment I made to all the Lord spoke to me that day! Every single day… fully and completely! And I am loving every minute of it, and am overwhelmed at the results of my obedience to Him.

Last week I loaded the trunk of my car with clothes that are now too big for me and took them to the thrift store. Some of them I was trying to get to a size to wear and instead I “skinnied” right past them! I can’t tell you how much weight I have lost… no weighing in is allowed yet, but I will give you just one statistic concerning the effects of eating healthy… I have lost 6 and 1/2 inches off my waist!

I have bought new clothes at the thrift store and spent a lot of time altering those that I didn’t want to part with. I am so thrilled and so very grateful to the Lord for both His instruction and His help. No dieting… just lots of veggies; lots of fruit; small portion of meat (mostly chicken); occassional salad; protein drink after my workout; light yogurt or sugar free pudding; and healthy choice fudgebar as a treat.

Sometimes I just need someone to share with that will celebrate God’s goodness and my blessing with me. Thanks for listening!

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Another Wonderful Day… With Him!

Going to be a great day! Cold outside, but warmed by both the furnace and the love of God that is burning in my heart and soul! Good things are happening all around me, God is blessing my efforts and strengthening my commitment to all He has set before me! I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be! Only God heard the cry of my heart and He is the only one that could have brought me to where I am today… and I am so grateful!!! He’s been my Teacher, my Coach, and even my Cheerleader all along the way.

When I have stumbled… He has caught me and held me until my steps became strong again. In times of confusion, He has brought me clarity of both understanding and direction. When my eyes were blurred by tears and pain overwhelmed my heart, He held me in ways that only He could, and made it all seem small compared to His love for me. He believed in me when no one else did because He could see my heart and knew that, in spite of how it looked to others, my desire was to do His will, no matter it cost me.

He is never too busy, too bored, or in to0 big a hurry to listen to me when I need to talk with Him. He has taught me to celebrate every victory, no matter how small, because those things give me courage to tackle the bigger battles! He has never failed me in any way, and even the times when the answer to my request has been “no”, He has proven to me that He ALWAYS has my best interest at heart.

I can walk confidently… because He has chosen my path. I can feel secure along the way because I know He watches over me. My heart is at peace, because I know He loves me far more than I can even comprehend… and I can embrace the joy that fills my soul because it is a gift that is not based on circumstance… and I am so grateful for that… because circumstances change… this joy remains and seems to multiply as I offer my praise and worship back to Him! I am so grateful for all He IS to me and for all He has DONE for me.

We are not finished with this journey and there is still work to be done in me… but I will glorify Him for all that has been accomplished and look forward with great excitement and anticipation to see what comes next! No fear, no hesitation, no turning back! Why would there be? He has proven Himself faithful in every way! I am so very, very, grateful to Him!

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Strength For The Journey

I read this somewhere a long time ago:

“It’s never too late to become who (or what) you were meant to be.”

I don’t remember who said that, but even the Bible says that our latter days can be greater than the former ones. So much of that is also in the scripture:

“Beloved, I pray that you prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)

When your soul finds its rest in God you aren’t spending your time and energy in stressing over the circumstances that are beyond your control! And, walking in that peace has a restorative benefit where your health is concerned… even a doctor will verify that stress causes a lot of health issues.

As your soul rests in Him, your enthusiasm about your life is restored, your hope is restored, and your health and strength increases! Then you can put all of that into the blessing of “becoming” who you were “meant to be.” Don’t ever give up; retire, or set aside those things that you know God has spoken to you… if necessary, “start anew” every morning until you overcome those things that have held you back! He will help you do it!

The Word promises us His mercies are new every morning! He believes in you… and He will help YOU believe in yourself! The glory still goes to Him! I know that! Be the “You” that you were meant to be… He is with you, to guide you, to strengthen you for the journey, and to lead the way! And He is FULLY TRUSTWORTHY! It doesn’t get any better than that… at least until we get HOME!

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Safe in His Love!

The further I go in this wonderful life God has given me, the more I love Him! My life is not wonderful because everything goes the way I want it to… it is wonderful because He is always with me and is so ready, in every situation to show me how much He loves me.

Even when things are sometimes hard to deal with… and the understanding doesn’t come that explains why it has to be a certain way… there is a peace that passes understanding and assures me that He still is working on my behalf; that He knows the end of the matter and is going to see me through it.

I have finally learned to look at “situations” as just another “opportunity” to see God make Himself known to me in a greater way; in the smallest detail and in the things that I know are too big for me to handle. I was never one who had a “safe place” to turn growing up, and so many times have been considered a “burden” by those that I wish would have seen me as the “blessing” I tried to be… but God has ALWAYS demonstrated His amazing love for me, and healed all those wounds of rejection. He is truly my safe place, and He makes me feel like my life has blessed Him, as I have given my heart so completely to Him and to trying to be as faithful as I can to all He asks of me.

I don’t know if I would have followed so hard after Him if I would have had the “white picket fence” kind of life, so I am grateful for every empty space that my life containedbecause He has filled them all to overflowing! I wrote a song years ago “He’s the God of Empty Spaces”… I didn’t know it was prophetic… but it certainly was for me! He is so faithful; so trustworthy in every way; and the ultimate “safe place” and will fill any void that you will allow Him to. So very grateful for the reality of Him in my life!

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He Knows the Plans He Has for You!

Just getting started for the day… just a little late this morning. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me the energy and mental acuity to stay so enthusiastic about my life and all the blessings and challenges He allows me to engage in. I was thinking the other day about how many places I have been… physically, spiritually and even emotionally. I have been exposed to so many different ways of life that it is almost like I have lived more than just one lifetime!

I have done so many extreme things… from running a mule driven sorghum extraction mill, and vegetable drying house on a farm in Mississippi, made quilts and canned everything I could get my hands on. Worked in home health care; made porcelain dolls and ceramics in my own kiln, and made and sold doll clothes to an international doll maker; taught and lived with the Cherokees at a mission in Oklahoma; have been published in 5 Christian Magazines; spoke at women’s groups and even an occasional church; had a radio show given to me for a time in Texas; taught Sunday school; adult Bible study; have done Children’s Ministry (with my puppets); Homeless ministry; Nursing home ministry; Food outreach programs; Ladies Bible Study; and so much more!

I am never going to “retire” because God has invested so much in my life and I know that He will never be done with me as long as I am willing to be obedient, and faithful, to the truth of His Word. I said all this to encourage your heart… and my own. Sometimes it is good just to take inventory of your life and see that God has always directed your steps, and been available to you, and “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” is not just a cute little “religious” saying to hang on your wall. It’s a reality to be lived out!

Allow Him to prepare you FOR the work… and then He will help you DO the work… and He will BLESS the work! And your heart and life will reflect such a joy that others will want to know this God we serve. Make each day count… not in an obsessive way… just with your eyes focused on Him and a desire to do His will, for His glory, because another very real truth is “without Him we can do nothing”… but don’t ever forget… you are not without Him and He is so very faithful! God bless!

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