Faith in Jesus Through the Gospels

I love the Word. One of my favorite things to study is the Gospels. The more I study them, the more I learn about Jesus. As I read these accounts I not only learn who He was, but what He was, and is, really like. How can I possibly hope “to be like Jesus” if I don’t embrace the Word to gain understanding into how He lived, how He interacted with people and what He taught to His disciples and the people He encountered? To “follow” Jesus does not mean to walk where He walked, but to walk as He walked. The Gospels are there to help us to do exactly that.

I heard a term used by an art instructor at an art class I attended. The word was quadtych. This term is used to explain the combination of four small canvases used to make up one complete picture. Each could stand alone, but when combined, they give a broader definition to what is being represented.

How perfect a definition for the Gospels! Each viewpoint gives definition to the portrait of Jesus, but combined they offer a more complete picture of who He is! Each writer had his own perspective on the events, and when added to the whole, they clearly showed Him to be exactly who said He was…the Son of God!

Studying the Word should not just be about searching out all the promises for blessings and provision. They are real and wonderful, and we should stand on the promises contained in the Word, but there is so much more to it. Study to know Him. Study to learn what is required of you in order to deepen your relationship with Him. The more you know of Him, the more you will love Him. The more you love Him, the easier it is to trust Him. The more you trust Him, the easier it is to line up with and submit to His plan for your life.

Jesus says in Matthew 11: 28-30

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Life can be hard sometimes. We all know that. As you read and study the Word, you see that the stories in the Bible tell of people just like you and me. Yes, the settings and times were different, but the struggles of life were the same. They raised their families, worked at their jobs, and interacted with those around them, just like we do. They were bombarded, at times, by those same temptations and trials that we are. And yes, at times they failed miserably. But read on…there was a way to find help for all of it. He is our refuge and strength, and our very present help in time of trouble. You won’t know that unless you read the Word and gain the understanding of who He is and His willingness to help you. It’s all in there.

Do you need rest for your soul? You can find it in Him!


About Louise Willard

I am a Christian who loves the Lord and enjoys both studying and teaching the Word of God. My heart's desire is to help others to learn and grow in their knowledge of...and relationship with Him. I am a free-lance writer and hope to use my gifts and talents in that area to be a blessing to others. I have six adult children and 'gobs' of grandkids! I live my life to the fullest everyday, and am so appreciative of the people that the Lord has brought into my life over the years. Life is's even better than's amazing!
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