April Fool’s Day ~ I Win Again ~ Guess Who Got Fooled

Just thought I would fill you in on how my day went yesterday:

  • Blood vessel broke under my right eye. Nothing serious; just half a black eye.
  • Broke my glasses.Went to movies anyway.
  • Missed the curb on the way to the movies and went sailing across the concrete.
  • Busted open my left knee; tore a hole in my favorite black pants.
  • Twisted my right shoulder when I landed!
  • Enjoyed the movie and dinner afterwards!
  • Popped some pain pills and went to Wal-Mart to replace my glasses; limping.
  • On the drive up I suddenly felt to pray some angels around my car.
  • Two seconds later; literally; guy cuts me off; laid on the horn, he jerks his car back over. Barely missed me!
  • Limp my way into Wal-Mart…and yes, parking spot 2 miles from the door!
  • Reach for something on top shelf…everything around it falls down on me.
  • Decide to make myself feel better by buying my favorite ice cream.
  • Open freezer door, boxes of ice cream come flying out and land on my other foot.
  • Found 2 pair of black pants just like the ones I ruined when I fell! (Happy!)
  • Long lines that took forever at the check-out. Pain pills wearing off!
  • Made it safely home…lugged everything in…where are men when you need them!
  • Went to bed…fell asleep watching TV…thank you pain pills…was too late to eat the ice cream! Oh well!

And yet…in spite of it all…I am rejoicing! Got my “replacement” pants and they were ON SALE! Found my reading glasses (bought two pair); have my ice cream for tonight’s snack; and don’t have to help with the yard work today! Bill said I can still “boss” him around so he will do it right. (That was funny!) And I will be doing it from the comfort of my Sleep Comfort Bed where I will be resting my sore leg! And …hey…I get to use my new computer bed table/tray. It is awesome! Has USB outlets, a light and a little fan to keep your laptop cool!

I WIN AGAIN! I keep telling you guys…”All things work together for good…” and yes, sometimes you have to look a little harder to find the good…but you will! Love it! Thanks again Lord!


About Louise Willard

I am a Christian who loves the Lord and enjoys both studying and teaching the Word of God. My heart's desire is to help others to learn and grow in their knowledge of...and relationship with Him. I am a free-lance writer and hope to use my gifts and talents in that area to be a blessing to others. I have six adult children and 'gobs' of grandkids! I live my life to the fullest everyday, and am so appreciative of the people that the Lord has brought into my life over the years. Life is good...no...it's even better than that...it's amazing!
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2 Responses to April Fool’s Day ~ I Win Again ~ Guess Who Got Fooled

  1. That was some day Louise! I love your optimistic outlook and especially celebrate those angels that protected you in the car!

    Keep on Writing! You bless many!

    • Nice surprise! Thanks Maggie! I look at everything as a chance to bless God in my reactions! That way I always win and get another chance to praise Him for His goodness…and it’s good material for Blogs! LOL A win, win situation!

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